Are you ready to declutter your home and make some considerable money in the process? The unused or old items collecting dust in your closet at home could be potential money-makers for you. Pawnshops like Monte de Piedad can offer quick cash for a variety of household items and even a few things you may not have considered before. Read on to discover a few valuable items you can pawn!


Chances are, you probably have an old cellphone or two (maybe even three) in a junk drawer at home. Instead of wasting space, consider asking your local pawn store if they’d buy it from you.  The chances of them purchasing your phone depends on its condition, specific brand, age, and the reason you’re selling it. There are some things you’ll need to do to prepare your phone for pawning. Make sure you:

  • Back up all your data
  • Erase all personal information by performing a factory reset
  • Try to have an idea of what your phone is worth, so you can negotiate the price if needed
  • Have your license or another form of photo I.D. with you for verification

Musical Instruments

Have you recently upgraded your guitar? Or maybe you’ve outgrown that keyboard or drumset you got when you were twelve. Either way, pawning off your old musical instruments is a quick and easy way to make money! The amount of profit you make depends on how desirable the pawnshop believes your instrument to be. When you’re ready to pawn your instrument, you should:

  • Clean your instrument to make it look as appealing as possible
  • Come up with an estimate of your instrument’s value
  • Try to include all the original accessories included when you first purchased your instrument – this adds more value!

You don’t have to hang onto your old instruments forever. Selling them offers someone else the opportunity to enjoy playing!


Keep in mind that pawn shops won’t purchase just any book you have laying around; it has to be rare or valuable in some way and be in good condition overall. But if you have the first edition, a copy including the author’s signature, or a popular book that may not be printed any longer, you can rack up some decent cash. You can even try pawning off your college textbooks!

Sporting Goods and Collectables

Have you retired from the game but still have your sports equipment sitting in your garage? Or maybe it’s been a while since your kid moved on from tee-ball, but you still have their tiny bat and glove for some reason. You could trade-in your gear and receive instant cash, depending on your items’ condition and brand.

You can pawn other unique things, including cookware, clothes, pet supplies, video games, and unused makeup collections. Monte de Piedad is an excellent resource if you’re needing quick cash and are interested in pawn loans, pawning off jewelry, gold, or electronics. Take advantage of the valuable items in your home; your pawning possibilities are limitless!