Shoes are a part of a wardrobe that people usually pick attentively. They should be comfortable to walk in, stylish, and look perfect with most clothes in your wardrobe. It is one of the most pleasant feelings to find an ideal pair of shoes. If you want to be on trend this fall/winter season, here you can find the five most popular shoe models. Enibbana online shop has all of them in its assortment and offers reasonable prices.

What to Wear This Fall/Winter Season?

Every year new shoe models appear, and you may wonder whether your pair of boots is on-trend or you need to get a new one. Some shoes were popular a few years ago and returned this season. For example, short moon boots. Among other trendy shoes are chunky boots, loafers, and chelsea boots. What clothes can you wear with them? Read more and choose a pair that is more suitable for your style.

Leather chunky boots

High chunky boots are both convenient and easy to fit with diverse outfits. They will look perfect with a skirt or dress of medium length. This combination is more suitable for the fall season, but you can also wear it when there are sunny days in winter. Leather chunky boots can be worn with wide-leg trousers. You can even combine them with tracksuit bottoms. They look great with coats and short-length fall/winter jackets.

Chunky ankle boots

Ankle boots have a completely different style, so they are not suitable for high chunky boots outfits. They look amazing with long skirts. It’s a great variant if you like wearing skirts in winter or late fall. You can wear this shoe model with skinny jeans too. They will look better than high chunky boots in this outfit. Chunky ankle boots also can be worn with skirts and dresses, and they fit both long and short-length jackets.


Loafers are fitting for almost the same style as chunky ankle boots. However, you will rarely wear them in winter; they are designed for fall mostly. They look stylish with shorts and skirts of different lengths. It’s better to wear them with coats or medium-length jackets. Keep in mind that short jumpers don’t always look great with loafers.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are universal shoes for the fall season. It’s hard to say what outfit will go best with them because they suit almost all the clothes. No matter what style you prefer, they can be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can wear chelsea boots with skinny and wide-leg trousers. They will look stylish together with long dresses or skirts too. Some people also wear them at the beginning of the fall with short skirts or shorts. Chelsea boots look good with jackets, but they are more fitting with coats.

Moon boots

Earlier, moon boots were highly popular. They’re returning this season, but only short models are on trend. They are perfect for wintertime, but it’s sometimes difficult to create an outfit with them. The best clothes for moon boots are skinny jeans or tracksuit bottoms and short-length jackets. Moon boots are not fitting with skirts or dresses, but some people wear them with coats.

Walk Confident This Fall/Winter Season

Even though you wear warm clothes in fall and winter, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose stylish ones. Trendy shoes will be a super addition to your outfit. These five shoe models described above are the most popular this season. You can find diverse options on the Enibbana web store. Make your outfit complete to feel more confident no matter the weather outside.