Just like tattoos, you have to be careful with aftercare for piercings. Some piercings are easier to manage than others, both in terms of care and pain. For instance, piercing the lobe of your ear will not hurt as much as the conch. Similarly, tongue and lip piercings need a lot of attention, because the area comes in contact with food and drinks. In this post, we are sharing quick piercing aftercare tips that are worth knowing.

  • Insist on need. While this is not technically an aftercare tip, but piercing with a gun causes undue pressure on the tissue. Go for a studio you can trust, and ask the professional to use a needle, just like they do in the traditional way.
  • Use glycerin soap for ear lobe piercings. The ear lobe gathers residues from various hair care products, and it must be cleaned to remove any sort of buildup. Look for glycerin soaps that are safe to use, or else, you can also use sea salt soaks.
  • Don’t sleep on your piercing. Most people, by habit, make the mistake of sleeping on their piercing, and that can cause a lot of additional trauma, often extensive bleeding too. Be careful for the first week and ensure that there is no additional stress on that area.
  • Be careful with nostril piercings. Sometimes, even with basic care recommended by the professional, your nostril piercing may flare up, causing unnecessary pain. If there is any drainage, or the pain is unbearable even after a week, see a doctor.

  • Stay hydrated, eat healthy. Your body treats the piercing as an injury, so it will try to heal it. Since you are wearing some form of jewelry, the piercing will remain in place as intended. However, ensure that you stay hydrated and eat enough healthy foods.
  • Buy genuine aftercare products. There are many piercing aftercare products in the market, meant for specific parts of the body. Talk to the professional about the products you may need, and always buy genuine products from known brands.
  • Clean regularly. Your piercing must be cleaned regularly, and for delicate areas, just use a saline solution. Ensure that you wash your hands with soap before touching the piercing, and use clean cloth to wipe the area, instead of using raw cotton, which may get struck.

Look online now for aftercare products and follow the tips mentioned above – You will find more reasons to get another piercing done.