Getting married is the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life. It is the commitment of eternal togetherness by the young couple. The practice of proposing someone for marriage or the expression of love and affection towards someone begins or starts with the exchange of Engagement Rings between the two partners. This ritual or tradition can be traced to the times of ancient Rome.

There is enough evidence to suggest that even the early humans or troglodytes used to express their love and propose by tying decorative garlands of flowers or twigs of sacred trees around the woman’s ankle, neck or knee. However, in modern times, this place has been taken by precious gemstones, diamonds, and metals. The exchange of rings between the couples symbolizes their commitment to eternity. So, it becomes even more important and significant that one chooses the perfect Engagement Ring for his soulmate because she would be wearing it forever.

Importance of an Engagement Ring

Making the relationships public,

It’s a common practice to wear an Engagement Ring after getting proposed for marriage. Modelling of an Engagement Ring symbolizes that the particular person is committed and not available. People realize that it is essential to make their relationships public.

Expressing love and feelings

It has been the official way to ask someone for marriage or expressing love since ages. If you like someone and want to express your love and feelings, you can put a Golden Engagement Ring on her ring finger. The choice of a perfect Engagement Ring can have the desired results. One can also propose someone indirectly by hiding an Engagement Ring or a remarkable Golden Engagement Ring in a bouquet or a teddy. This will make the other person aware of your feelings. When you go down on your knees and propose your love, it is and will be the best moment for him or her. You can surely add a feather in the cap by submitting with a Golden Ring.

Conforming to the tradition

It is believed that wearing an Engagement Ring on the Ring Finger is the most appropriate way because the vein of love on the ring finger is directly attached or connected to the heart. The practise dates back to the times of ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

Showing Off

Not everyone who wears a diamond or Golden Ring on his finger is engaged or committed. People are also very fond of jewellery, and it is quite common for them to wear these kinds of rings. Men are also very fond of classic rings. There are a lot of designs with a dynamic range to choose from. These rings complement the modern fashion style as well.

From telling everyone about your engagement or commitment to your taste, and fashion sense, a ring can tell a thousand words.


An Engagement Ring has a vital role in marriage. Choosing a perfect ring according to your partner’s taste can have the desired and most awaited answers.