There are certain things in a man’s closet that cannot be replaced. Beyond doubt, t-shirts should be on the top of that list. For the longest time, mature men had their reservations about wearing tees. After all, it seems that t-shirts are designed for the younger crowd, which is a complete myth. No matter whether you are 22 or 52, t-shirts never really go out of style, and you can never really have enough, just like women cannot have enough of shoes and handbags.

In this post, we are sharing tips on how to wear t-shirts like a pro!

  • Start with a good brand. There are a wide range of brands to choose from, but new-age brands like Jasper Holland are creating amazing designs with incredible fabrics. The idea is to select a brand that stands out, because then you don’t have to worry about some of the basic things like the fit and look. Also, big brand either create their own trends, or follow what’s popular, so you can be assured of your purchase.
  • Think of the fit. The fit of a T-shirt matters more than anything else. Some men like their T-shirts to look casual and easy, while others are a fan of the snug fit. Depending on your preference, find a fit that works for you. Ideally, when the sleeves of a T-shirt hug around your arms, it always gives a more toned look, even if you are on the plus side. In fact, if the T-shirt works or fits well on the upper body, a bit of flab on the abs can be hidden smartly.
  • Always go for cotton. If you really want T-shirts to stand out, always pick cotton as your option. Besides being the most comfortable and chic fabric out there, cotton T-shirts stand out for the fit and style, as well. Make sure that you check the details of a product when you are placing an order online. The good news is mixed fabrics are not bad either, but it depends on the design.
  • Choose the color wisely. Always select colors that are suitable for an occasion. For instance, if you are heading out on a date, you don’t want to wear something like black. On the other hand, for a biking race, or for a night out with your boys, almost any dark color would work with a pair of blue denims. The choice of T-shirt color depends on the occasion, and that’s among the basic rules you need to know.

  • Is it okay to tuck in the T-shirt? Not really. T-shirts are not meant to be tucked in at all. In fact, for selected formal occasions, you can choose to do so, but the overall look has a big role in deciding that. Also, consider the shape of the tee and the type of pants you are wearing. Back in retro years, it was okay to tuck in the T-shirt, but now it’s more like an ‘old-men’ thing.
  • Be open with styles. Simple graphic and printed T-shirts in any color or print are your best bet for most occasions, but there are also other options to consider. For instance, you can think of polo and Henley T-shirts, and then there are plain pocket T-shirts too. The idea is to have more options, so that you never run out of ideas on how to step out of the house.
  • Try different pants. From cool chinos to casual trousers, blue denims, and smart shorts, you can team your T-shirts with almost any pair of pants. Consider trying new ideas, so that you can come up with new styles. For instance, a nice white-color T-shirt would work wonders with a white pair of shorts, matched with colorful sneakers. There are numerous designs and styles in contemporary pants & trousers for men.

In conclusion

There is no dearth of T-shirt designs and patterns to choose from. Wearing T-shirts is all about feeling the most comfortable version of yourself, and you would want to try as many ideas as possible. There are also online look books, which can come in handy for your seasonal looks. T-shirts and tees can be paired with coats, denim jackets, bomber jackets, and summer blazers too, which only adds to more versatility to your closet. Don’t shy away from trying colors and prints beyond your comfort zone, and select a brand that stands for its style and comfort quotients.

Make a shopping list right away and pick at least a couple of designs you like.