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We believe dive watches are modern timepieces. Yes, these are modern but these are technical tool. These are for the diving experience so have the best level of water resistance. However, the beauty and decency of dive watches make them staple of any fashion outfit. presents American Eagle Promo Code UAE on dive watches. Get this promotion code especially if you like to shop favorite dive watches in UAE. This code will let you order the best pieces with biggest savings in your shopping experience.

What Makes Dive Watches Valuable?

For the technical users, these are interesting watches with illuminating features. Conventional watches become useless in the deep sea. The water reflection makes the dial blur or invisible underwater. Therefore, technologists developed dive watches with illuminated time and accurate features. These watches not only show the accurate time but also offer other interesting features. These technical features include the rotating bezel, measuring depth, excellent water resistance and wetsuit compatible straps. You must remember the themed names such as Sea Dweller, Aquadive and Seamaster while purchasing these watches with American Eagle Promo Code UAE.

ISO Standards:

The International Organization for Standards provides a list of technical features necessary for a dive watch. Presence of these features make any watch a dive watch. You cant call anything a dive watch if one of these features are missing. The main features to look for in this list include the following.

  • A unidirectional bezel.
  • Indication system.
  • Illuminated dial to show the time accurately even in the dark sea.
  • Chemical, shock and magnetic resistant.
  • Ability to show time from a distance of 25 cm even in the darkness.

Dive Watch as a Fashion:

Today, dive watches are more than a technical piece. These have become a fashion icon due to beauty of structure. Buyers who are taking interest to add this type of watch in the fashion accessory collection should collect more information. This information helps the buyers find the true to type dive watch. Remember, there are several types of wristwatches but dive watch has distinguishing features and standards.

Understanding ISO Standards:

Remember, several watchmakers offer dive watches for swimming pools. These watches are water resistant and can work in the depth of swimming pools. However, Geneva based ISO has issued ISO 6425 to qualify a true drive watch. This standard has been updated in 2018. According to this update:

  • A dive watch must show water resistance in the depth of at least 100 meters.
  • It must track the dive time (either with digital display or with rotating bezel).
  • The watch should offer visible time from distance of at least 25 cm.
  • The dive watch must have 4800 A/m magnetic field.
  • The watch must be salt tolerant.

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