Even if you are someone, who prefers to wear a pair of denims with a simple tee for most days, you need to have that one perfect tuxedo in your wardrobe. Now, a tuxedo is obviously not same as the standard suit, mainly because of the difference in lapels. It is also not entirely formal as many men believe. Tuxedo is actually semi-formal, and to complete the look, you need a matching pair of shoes. In this post, we are sharing tips on how to invest in your first tuxedo.

Fit is supremely important

That’s probably the only thing you need to know about. As long as the fit of your tuxedo is right, you don’t have to worry about other things. We recommend that you find a local designer store near you, where you can get a ‘made to measure’ tuxedo for your body type. Many of these stores also have a great taste in designer mens shoes, so you can shop for the entire look together.

Select the right material

The material for your tuxedo is important, and you have to select one that works for the occasion. Tuxedos are always in black, and the fit also comes from the material you select. We strongly suggest that you talk to the tuxedo designer store and ask their experts for a recommendation.

Other things to know

  • The lapels of your tuxedo will be in a unique material than rest of the jacket, and there is no better choice than silk. The lapels shouldn’t be notched, but more peaked.
  • Note that a tuxedo jacket has only one button in the center, but you can always go for a more unique style with more buttons. Around the cuffs, you will have three to four buttons, just like a regular suit.
  • Consider having a breast pocket, where you can add a pocket square.

Final word

Always buy your first tuxedo from a store that you can trust. Make sure that they specialize in designer collections, and they should be able to guide you on how to get the design right, so that your tuxedo has more of a universal appeal for different occasions. Experimenting with the design of your first tuxedo is never a good idea, but again, it is a matter of personal choice. Just don’t get confused with the design, because there are clear differences between a tuxedo and suit.