The 70’s was a disco decade and when people chose their outfits, they aspired to be free-spirited, a bit rock and roll, and cool. Because the fashion of this decade is worth looking back and resurrecting, a lot of women are incorporating iconic prints, embroidered fabrics, and burnt hues into their wardrobe. In fact, these are their bases when choosing the best 70’s costume they can wear to a themed party.

What’s With the 70’s Style?

A lot of the clothing items that women wore back in the 70s are still available these days, making it easy to resurrect the decade’s fashion. The 70s was about polyester items with Afros being the popular accessories. Women in this period fell more in love with bell-bottom pants, tie-dyed apparel, and floral shirts than ever. And when disco took over in the late 70s, women could not get over wide ties, maxi dresses, and leisure suits.

Fashion Staples in the 70’s

If you are going to a 1970s themed party, you can fit in perfectly by choosing the right costumes. You can go for a tight mini skirt, army jacket, poncho, bell-bottom jeans, tight corduroy slacks, polyester leisure suit, hot pants, or maxi dress. If these items are not in your closet or attic, go to a local thrift shop that carries a variety of 70’s-inspired fashion staples perfect as 70s costumes for retro-themed parties.

Accessories to Complete Your Costume

When you attend a 70s themed party, you need to complete your costume with cool accessories. First, you can feather your locks or wear your hair long and straight. The 70s also popularized the shag cut, mullet hairstyles, and Afro. But, if you can’t style your hair into any of these styles, consider buying an affordable wig. If you want to cap off your costume, consider perming your hair for un. Also, think about adding a headband to achieve a hippie look.

When it comes to your shoes, go for a pair of knee-high boots or platform shoes. Either option looks retro when you pair it with a hot micro mini skirt or gaucho pants. In addition, you can embellish your 70s hippie costume by wearing a peace symbol necklace and earrings or a beaded choker. In addition, you can improve your costume by tying a multicolored scarf around your neck.  Another option is to wear a big, wide-brimmed floppy hat if you prefer to wear tiny track shorts.