The benefits of using a nipple pasty are numerous. It can be an effective method of soothing and healing your nipples during nursing sessions. It also provides relief from the discomfort associated with nursing. In addition, it can help prevent milk suctioning or leaking out of your nipple. The following are some of the advantages that you will gain by investing in a nipple pasty:

Pain relief

Pain can be a factor in your recovery from breastfeeding. It can also be a side effect from certain medications. Before you invest in a nipple pasty, ensure that you are comfortable with the pain that you are experiencing. It may be that you are only experiencing mild discomfort that you think is due to nursing. It is important to get an accurate assessment of the level of pain that you are in. An accurate assessment can help guide you when deciding what type of pasty to purchase.

Increased comfort

One of the advantages of wearing a nipple pasties is that it gives you more comfort during breastfeeding sessions. It can provide a buffer against the hot and humid weather that you experience in parts of Asia.

It can also help to reduce the amount of air that gets into your skin, which can make your skin feel drier. It is also possible to purchase nipple pasties that have an integrated pad that can be worn subcutaneously. This can provide additional comfort and support when you are in pain.

Reduction in soreness and redness

Because your skin is now covered by a layer of padding, there is less skin exposed to the elements. This can help to reduce the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays, which can cause the skin to become red and blemished. In addition, your skin can once again comfortably accommodate your baby’s crown (forehead). This can help to reduce the amount of redness and inflammation that occurs as your baby grows.

The nipple pad is machine washable

One of the things that you will appreciate about a nipple pasty is that it is machine washable. This can help to reduce the amount of bacteria that get into your skin. It can also be useful if you are traveling and want to take your nursing cover with you. It can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

The natural feel of the pasty against your skin

You will find that the natural feel of a nipple pasty against your skin is particularly comforting. This will allow you to relax and decompress when you need to. It can also improve your sleep as it provides a sense of security.

When used with a breast pump, it can increase the milk supply

The use of a breast pump can actually decrease the amount of milk that you produce. This can be a risk for some women as they may not produce enough milk to nourish their baby. A nipple pasty can help to increase the supply of milk so that you get the optimal amount of nourishment for your baby.