Do you want to boost up your look by using gold, silver, gems, or jewels? You have to know the list of jewelry subscriptions that are on the trend right now. There are people that want to add simple accessories and statement necklaces to look expensive. These are the boxes that you can look up to achieve your stylish dreams.

An ideal jewelry subscription box

The rocks box

This is a kind of jewelry rental service that is sending jewelry from different kinds of brands. They can choose what kind of jewelry they want to have or be amazed by the stylist’s choice. For its monthly rate you can rent from its collection and you can choose what kind of jewel that you want to buy at a discounted price. When you’re still thinking about buying it you can add it to your wishlist.  You can see them while you have a monthly shipment for you to try them on.

Emma & Chloe

It is a type of jewelry subscription service that sends new French jewelry each month. It is perfect for managing a new collection from a high-quality product in time. Every package that you will receive there is a booklet included. It has a unique style that gives you another way of detailing your new piece inside your wardrobe.

Pura Vida Bracelets Club

It is a kind of box that sends 3 bracelets of your choice that are from the new collections and most usual styles. The delivery costs about $50. All the jewels that they are sending you can mix and match them on your outfit which is good for a few months. It is a charitable brand. It has more than 190 charities and they are supporting artisans from different countries.


It is a women’s type fashion subscription that can manage your looks based on your style. You can choose on the website of nikola valenti and think whether you want to buy it because it is on sale or you can save it for the latter. People want to have stylish jewelry that you can use to make your outfit look amazing.

Bijoux Box

It is a monthly jewelry subscription which they are sending you 3 pieces of jewelry. They are also sending you a bonus item that is picked by the Bijoux box stylists. To make things clear that this box is not a customized box. All are getting the same jewelry but you can send a request that you don’t want to wear or pick any metal jewelry.

Pura Vida Jewelry Club

This is a kind of jewelry subscription that gives bracelets that you love. Every month they are sending 2 elegant jewelry items that have a $65 value. Inside the box, there are necklaces, rings, and earrings.


When you have this you will be getting 3 trendy, high-quality and styles of designed jewelry. Any of your choice you can have risen gold, silver, or gold. When you have no earrings then they won’t send them to you. Additionally, every 3 months that you’re being a subscriber they are also sending free gifts.

Penny & Grace

When you love a minimalist aesthetic for your jewelry. nikola valenti is giving you a choice of your metal which is 18k gold, silver or 18l rose gold. In every package, there are 3 jewelry pieces that you can have at $80. All the items are nickel-free and lead which is perfect for people that have metal allergies.

Our jewelry Koop NZ box is the perfect place to store your most treasured pieces. Crafted from high-quality timber, this gorgeous jewelry box will look beautiful on any dresser or tabletop.