Cremation diamonds are eco-friendly and real. Moreover, they are bloodless and cost-effective diamonds. Synthetic diamonds can allow you to enjoy the stone’s beauty and story without having to dig to the ground. Scientific development is used to make a diamond from the lab. This will not require the children to mine it. You can find people asking whether the diamond is synthetic or natural in a rare case. However, you will find them asking more of its history.

Cremation diamonds allow many people to share stories and show the great impact of the loved family member with physical representative value.  Today the demand of cremation jewelry is high. This option has grown in the provision of a selection range for anyone who needs to invest in memory keeping.


With natural diamonds, the cremation of diamonds stones results in flaws. The inclusions vary from flawless to clearly visible. With the use of 10x magnifications, the tool will help you conclude whether or not the diamond has some imperfections.

It is possible to choose a wide variety of jewelry from the establishment of creating diamonds. Nonetheless, you can take your diamond toward a separate jeweler to turn it to the desired design and style. Some metals useful include sterling silver, gold, and platinum. The style and setting can be vintage or modern. The jewelry type can be rings, earrings, and pendants.

You can keep your loved one close to your heart by using the pendant. Moreover, the ring settings can be a very popular choice. This ring will allow the wearing of a memorial all the time daily and in different activities.

Duration of making cremation diamond

The growth process can take one week, depending on the diamond size. An additional time will be needed to produce color. Some colors will need processing times; however, you will find some diamonds taking a few weeks to be processed, set, and cut.


With the use of boron in the hair and ashes, the company can replicate various diamond hues. There are different colors you can find that include blue, violet, red, pink, orange, clear, and green. However, it is sometimes challenging to differentiate the exact diamond color because it can impact the ashes of different individuals.

Every diamond has a special color. Nonetheless, the family can decide on the color. There are different people who consider yellow color since it tale less amount to produce. Clear or grey colors take time to create.


Different cuts can be selected, and the diamond will accordingly be grown. The diamond first will be grown in the right dimensions and cut and polished to the appropriate shape. The cut will be princess, heart, brilliant, round, radiant, and teardrop.


The other important thing you can consider is the size while making your choice. It is rare to get large diamonds of various carats. Most of them are going for one carat and even less. It will take more time the make of larger diamond. Additionally, the price will be even higher. The majority ranges from certain carats.

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