Velvet is probably one of the most luxurious and versatile materials in fashion, being both comfortable and glamorous at the same time. Slipping it on makes you look and feel like a million bucks, whether you’re wearing a simple velvet top or a classy off the shoulder velvet dress.

We’re here to help you get on the best-dressed list with our top tips on wearing the ever-classic velvet dress.

How to Dress Down a Velvet Dress

Don’t wait for formal events to wear your velvet dress. Just because it isn’t party season yet, doesn’t mean you should limit yourself from rocking such a timeless piece.

Wear Boots and Sandals

Footwear can magically transform your outfit. To wear your velvet dress casually, slip on your favorite leather boots or basic sandals. Shoes that feature a matte finish will instantly make your velvet dress look more suitable for the daytime.

Use Brass Jewelry

When dressing down, you’ll want your jewelry to complement your outfit. Skip the rhinestones, diamonds, and pearls for now since they’ll only make your dress look even fancier. Instead, opt for brass or stone jewelry to dress your velvet dress down.

Wear a Jacket

The fastest way to dress down your off the shoulder velvet dress is by throwing on your favorite jacket or blazer. This breaks up the rich fabric and adds structure to the look. Denim or leather jackets are perfect for days out with friends, while a form-fitting blazer is appropriate for work events.

How to Dress Up a Velvet Dress

A velvet dress, by itself, looks opulent, regal, and luxurious. Stand out from the crowd by making a grand entrance in a velvet dress.


Velvet is a stunning backdrop for sparkly jewelry such as diamonds and rhinestones. Pair your dress with jewelry that glimmer under the lights. If you’re wearing an off the shoulder velvet dress, wear a diamond choker to draw attention to your collarbone.

Match with Fabrics

By itself, velvet is already a stunning fabric. Pair it with simpler and more delicate fabrics to balance it out, such as satin, silk, and lace. If you want to look absolutely elegant, drape a faux fur coat over your shoulders.

Wear Embellished Shoes

Add more refinement to your ensemble by pairing your velvet dress with heels that are embellished with rhinestones, sequins, etc. If you want to look effortlessly elegant, opt for a pair of strappy satin heels.


Use our tips and take inspiration from 2020 fashion trends fresh from the runway. However, you style your off the shoulder velvet dress, we know you’re going to look absolutely stunning!