A fitness tracker is a wearable device designed to keep you in your best shape by keeping tabs on your daily physical activities such as steps, distance run, heart rate, etc. On a basic level, a fitness or activity tracker can give you an insight into your day-to-day activities, such as step or distance tracking, calorie counting, or sleep. Garmin Singapore provides the best solutions for GPS and activity trackers.

Benefits of activity trackers: –

  • Fitness trackers, on average, maybe more budget-friendly than smartwatches. Fitness trackers don’t aim for stylishness like smartwatches, so they cost less.
  • Fitness trackers usually come with additional functions for monitoring health and location.
  • Fitness trackers have smaller screens and are slimly built compared to smartwatches. Also, they tend to be sweat resistant as well.
  • Fitness trackers are commonly equipped with a range of tools to monitor your sleep, heart rate, distance traveled, time traveled, pacing, and many more.

Features of the activity trackers from Garmin Singapore: –

  • It has strengthened glass on the screen.
  • The dial is digitally provided with a silicone strap.
  • The watches are resistant up to 50m.
  • The watches feature a brand warranty of 1 year.

Garmin Singapore is the best place for activity trackers. You can also get the products easily by visiting the official website.