The tuxedo has transformed from formal menswear into a modern staple for women. Yet black and white still dominate as the standard tuxedo color scheme. While classic, women today have ample opportunity to explore bolder, more diverse color palettes that make tuxedos reflect personal style. Deep gemstone-inspired colors like emerald, ruby, sapphire, and amethyst breathe new life into the tuxedo with their richness. Pair glossy satin lapels in these hues over a traditional black jacket and pants. Or opt for a vibrant blue or purple suit with a classic white shirt. These regal tones feel luxe and elegant.

Metallic sheens

Shimmering metallics add old Hollywood glam to the tuxedo aesthetic. Opt for champagne, rose gold, bronze, and gunmetal sheens for dresses or jackets that catch the light. Lame fabric in silver and gold or sequins and crystals infuse shine. Keep other elements subdued to let the metallic colors mesmerize. Soft pastel tuxedos channel retro influences from the ‘50s and ‘60s in shades like powder blue, blush pink, mint green, and pale yellow. These romantic hues provide a whimsical contrast against darker neutrals when color-blocked. Style with pearls and waves for a modernized vintage vibe.

Tartan plaids

Traditional tartan plaid patterns like argyle offer a preppy twist on the tuxedo in striking color combos. Pair plaid pants with solid jackets or opt for mix-and-match plaids on separates. Checks and houndstooth patterns provide similar playfulness on this menswear staple. Add colorful personality through accessories and accents instead of bold tuxedos for women. Try satin lapels in metallic blue or hot pink, floral print tux shirts, rainbow suspenders, or vibrant cummerbund. These touches personalize a look without overpowering it. Modern ombré shading lends gradient color effects to tuxedos in fading or increasing intensity. Deep navy fading into baby blue or black to purple makes ordinary tuxedos extraordinary. This smoother transition between tonal shades provides visual depth.

Monochrome palettes

Explore depth within a single color family by pairing lighter and darker shades. A black jacket over an icy blue dress shirt or white tee with charcoal pants keeps a cohesive single-color story. Contrasting textures also accentuate the palette interplay. Metallic studs, vibrant cufflinks, embroidered accents, and trims in colors like crimson, turquoise, and violet turn basic black-and-white tuxedos into art. Embellishments in one color clustered together provide pockets of personality. Most tuxedo linings stick to satin in black or red. Have fun by exploring bright, patterned linings in colors and prints you adore. Few may see it, but this hidden detail subtly allows self-expression.

Mismatched colors

For the bold, try mixing and matching separate tuxedo component colors for an innovative style. A purple jacket over olive pants or a red top with a navy bottom makes ordinary suits extraordinary through inventive clashing. Experimenting with different tuxedo components’ colors yields a striking effect. This inventive clashing of colors adds a unique flair to your style, making a bold statement that stands out from the usual. With limitless color possibilities, women’s tuxedos transcend staid black-and-white conventions. Show your true colors and style spirit by thinking outside the standard tuxedo box.