Owning a gun is a big responsibility, but it can give you a better sense of security knowing you can protect yourself and others should the need arise. Many people choose to apply for concealed carry permits so they can wear a gun at all times without others knowing. While this can be beneficial during an emergency situation, it also comes with even more responsibility. Here are three things you need to do if you have a concealed carry permit.

Wear the Right Clothes

The point of having a concealed carry permit is that you want to have a gun on your person without being obvious about it. Wearing tight-fitting clothing gives away the fact that you are carrying a gun. If you want to make sure you can access your gun easily without giving away your secret, invest in the right clothes for each season. Concealed carry clothes for summer look different than concealed carry clothes for winter and may be harder to find, so it is important to get the right wardrobe for each season before you need it.

Practice Shooting

If you want to be an asset in an emergency situation, you need to be prepared. You can’t expect to react well in a life-or-death situation if you aren’t comfortable with your own firearm, so it is crucial to get plenty of practice. Join a local shooting range and visit at least once a month to make sure your skills stay sharp. You may also find it helpful to take a class on tactical skills so you are fully prepared if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation where you need to shoot your gun.

Make People Close To You Aware That You Are Carrying

An accident with a gun can be deadly, so to minimize the risk of something happening to the people around you, make sure your friends and family members are aware that you have a gun on your person. While this may seem counterproductive since the point of a concealed carry permit is secrecy, knowing this information reduces the risk the loved ones will accidentally discharge the gun by getting too close or grabbing it.

Carrying a gun can be life-saving but it is also a big responsibility. Taking a few simple steps after getting your concealed carry permit can help you be a responsible gun owner and reduce the risk of an accident happening. Start using these three tips today.